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Social media management is the backbone in the cultivation of a strong digital presence. A strong social media plan will enable your business to connect with your target market directly, develop and maintain an online community with those people, and quickly inform them of upcoming events or changes. 7 out of 10 Americans use social media for entertainment and information, Ohio residents included. As individuals in Ohio continue to use social media, it’s important for local businesses to engage with them through this online medium.

Unfortunately, if social media isn’t used appropriately it can damage a potential customer relationship, or lead to poor engagement. This is where a third-party social media professional can help you. Here’s why you should hire a professional to manage your social media accounts.

Save Time

If you aren’t well acquainted with social media best practices, learning and effectively using them can take up your valuable time. By using a professional social media service, you’ll be able to spend time working on your business and focusing on your strengths.

Gain a Competitive Advantage

With so many businesses online, it’s important to bring something new to the table all the time. Professionals have a great understanding of what the most effective strategies are and will know how to apply them to your business to create a key competitive advantage in your industry.

Get Professional Opinions

Knowing when to use social media advertising, how to connect with your audience, and which posts to promote, can be confusing. Professionals can help you understand which posts would benefit from advertising and make the best use of your advertising dollars. Your budget will be used for the most effective online marketing solutions and you’ll rest assured that you’re connecting with the right target audience.

UNIFY marketing & technology solutions can develop a social media management plan that will increase your reach, engagement, and potential customer list! Contact us today for all your small business marketing needs and we’ll sit, have cup of coffee, and a conversation about your social media presence now.