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Facebook is becoming one of the most active and popular websites on the internet. This is why small businesses are opting to make use of it more than ever before. For instance, statistics are indicating that its daily active Facebook users are about 1.32 billion. In the year 2017, it was discovered to have hit a monthly average of over 2.01billion active users. These numbers prove the potential of Facebook and explains why it is becoming an lucrative platform for small businesses and companies.

Here Is The Secret
Despite all of the potential that Facebook has as a marketing platform for any business, there are strategies that you need to use in order to achieve the best of results. The Facebook group feature seems to be one of the most effective. This is because it has been helping small businesses market products to their respective target audiences over the years.

Here’s a quick guide highlighting how you can use Facebook groups for your small business.

1 – Setting Your Goal

What is the purpose of your Facebook page? Do you want your page to get visitors to your website, increase your reach, boost your video views, or maybe raise awareness for something? No matter what your goals are, make them specific, measurable, attainable and relevant. To reach your goals, you need to establish a relationship with your target audience.

2 – Providing Value

Ensure that your Facebook group is always aiming to provide members with valuable content. This is one of the top strategies of established brands. You could to offer tips or how-tos that are exclusive to only members. Whatever the content is, it has to engage your audience.

3 – Avoiding Sales

One mistake that you can easily make is allowing your Facebook group to sound like a center for exhibitions. The only way that you can win the trust of members in your group is not sounding salesy. It is true that once in a while you may introduce offers to them. However, ensure not to do it regularly as it can harm your business in the long run.

4 – Allowing Your Members Talk

For your group to be 100% active, your members will need to be bringing up topics that are relevant to your niche. Group members are the ones that will keep the group going for a very long period of time. It is all about giving them that platform where they can discuss topics that they are passionate about.

5 – Offering Exclusive Rewards

The benefit of rewards is that they will make people want to join your group without giving it a second thought. They will even be checking back regularly once they understand that something is at stake. You can do this in the form of monthly give away, gifts, discount codes and others.

6 – Discussing Current Events

Current and trendy topics can create this unusual buzz which will make people stay around your group for as long as possible. Get used to the habit of talking about what is recently happening around the world. It will make your members check back regularly on what the latest reports are.

7 – Making It Open

It isn’t some kind of cult where things are done secretly. In other words, never make use of a closed or secret Facebook group to market your business. In the long run, you’ll get less exposure for your business if you use that type of Group.


Creating a Facebook group is simple and the benefits can be great, if done right. The key to success, however, is knowing your target audience and giving them content that they are interested in. Just posting “stuff” doesn’t work.

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