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What’s your digital marketing strategy? A lot of business owners have a “if you build it, they will come” kind of attitude when it comes to online marketing. They build a website, thinking that it will get the ball rolling for their business, but end up disappointed when nothing happens. Here at UNIFYmts, we work with clients to help them develop a comprehensive online marketing strategy appropriate for their business. But why does a business need an online marketing strategy in the first place? Let’s take a look.

  1. A Digital Marketing Strategy Will Help You Set Goals

Many businesses start out with the ambiguous goal of “make sales,” and don’t really progress from there. This can be especially troublesome when trying to market their product or service online. The good news is that with an online marketing strategy a business will naturally be pushed towards making concrete goals that can be measured, tracked, and managed. Goals can cover everything from getting more traffic to your website, to getting a higher conversion rate on a sales page, or simply creating a certain number of blog posts a week.

  1. A Digital Marketing Strategy Will Help You Learn Your Audience

Learning about your target audience is one of the most fundamental things you can do in your business, yet also one of the most overlooked. Online marketing strategies can help you to learn more about your demographic through things like social media campaigns, and engaging email marketing. Best of all, as you begin to learn more about your audience, you can craft other campaigns, such as content marketing, to be more inline with what you’ve learned, leading to higher conversions and lower acquisition cost per customer.

  1. Mobile Marketing Helps Your Business to Gain More Visibility

It’s no secret that a business who runs mobile marketing campaign has a greater level of visibility than a business that doesn’t. In today’s world of smartphones and tablets it’s almost required to engage in some kind of mobile marketing. This is usually done by collecting people’s contact information, then engaging in an SMS digital marketing campaign.

  1. Your Competitors Have Already Adapted to The New Online Marketing World

Speaking of competition, it is a good bet that yours has already begun using online marketing. Fortunately, catching up, and even surpassing them, isn’t hard. Using SEO to manipulate the search engines for traffic, running ad campaigns with strong a call to action, and offering a superior customer service experience can turn the tide in your favor very quickly.

  1. Digital Marketing is Proven to Work

One thing that we want to make clear is that digital online marketing is proven to work – we’ve got the case studies and statistics to prove it. What this means for you is that you can rest easy knowing that you’re making a wise investment. And let’s be honest, choosing not to engage in online marketing in this day and age is essentially suicide for your business.

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