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The first objective of developing and launching a website is to generate sufficient traffic. The next objective is to ensure the visitors stick around, browse the website and eventually sign up for a service or purchase a product. The eventual objective will remain unaccomplished if your website keeps driving your customers or visitors away. There are many websites that are well optimized and manage to generate enormous traffic but only to lose the visitors once they turn up on the site. This can happen for many reasons. Here we shall explore ten ways your website is driving customers away.

  • Your website may have a slow load time. Internet users are now accustomed with fast loading websites. Check out major search engines Google and Bing, social media sites Facebook and Instagram, Twitter or YouTube and you will know why people don’t want to wait even for a few additional seconds to allow a website to load completely. Attention span has shrunk significantly in recent years. Most internet users will give you two to five seconds for the website to load. Else, they would close the tab on the browser and move onto another website.
  • Unresponsive design is a common reason people close websites. Many internet users search for information on their mobile devices. When they come across websites that are not optimized for mobile devices, they are presented with improper layouts, too large or too small fonts and the whole viewing experience becomes a nightmare. No one is willing to make an effort to read your content or to browse your website. If it is not easy to browse or view, people will move on to other websites.
  • Internet users don’t like websites that are excessively verbose. Textual contents are necessary to share valuable information. However, the website cannot be a block of text. There should be images, infographics, videos, charts or graphics.
  • How easy it is to browse a website depends on its navigation. Websites with complicated sitemaps are difficult to navigate. Even those that have an otherwise simple sitemap can be difficult to navigate because of the website design. Don’t expect your visitors to keep looking for a webpage they want to explore. The relevant webpage must be well linked and effortlessly accessible from the page your visitors are on.
  • One of the most common reasons why visitors are disappointed with a website is irrelevant or unhelpful content. Every internet user getting redirected to your website is there for a reason. They are looking for information relevant to what they may have searched for on Google or Bing. This purpose is not catered to if the content on your webpage is irrelevant.
  • Internet users are unlikely to browse a site if there is no clear call to action. An ordinary user may be directed to your site and she or he may find your content useful after spending some time to read everything you have put up on that webpage. If there is no clear call to action, explaining what the visitor must do, then there is no further need for the visitor to stick around. Not every visitor will be intrigued enough to voluntarily browse your entire website. You must provide a clear path of action.
  • People don’t like websites that do not offer valuable content. The information you share needs to be authoritative. There should be no doubt that you are an expert in the niche and that your information is indisputable. If there are doubts in the minds of the visitors or if they don’t find the information valuable, then they will continue their quest for more reassuring websites.
  • Websites with an excessive emphasis on sales, thereby using pop-ups and other tactics to compel the customer to make an instant buying decision will lose most of its traffic.
  • People don’t like lengthy signup process or a transaction that takes too long. No one wants to wait as the website keeps asking for more information to complete what should be a simple sale or signup.
  • Finally, bland content is what disappoints most visitors. It is necessary for companies to provide factually accurate information. However, the presentation of the information cannot be lackluster. People want to read more and explore more in a manner that is entertaining and satisfying.

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