Access Control Solutions

Need to limit access to your business or building?

Access control systems can vary in type and complexity. Most access control solutions will have the following elements:

Intercom Systems
Because every word counts. Integrating intercom systems with your access control solution provides a cohesive solution that enables a more secure work site. With our intercom solution you can see or hear who is at your door before letting them in.

Access Cards
Access cards are basically an electronic key. The cards are used by employees to gain access through a set of doors secured by the access control system. Each access card we provide is uniquely encoded so it can be tied to a single individual. Access cards are roughly the size of a credit card and can easily be stored in a wallet or purse.

Card Readers
Card readers are devices which electronically read the access card and there are several different types. Some readers may allow users to input the card while other readers allow users to simply swipe the card. Card readers are typically installed on the exterior (non-secured) side of the door.

Electric Locking Hardware
Electric locks are used to electronically secure the door controlled by the access control system. There are a wide variety of different types of locks.

The goal of access control is to limit access into and out of your organizations building or offices. Access control solutions will also give you the ability to monitor all the activity coming in and out of your office. For the safety of your business, property, and employees, access control systems by Unify Marketing & Technology Solutions can install and support your company’s access control.

Having a dedicated access control solution gives business owners and organizations complete control over the security profiles of each person within your company. Understanding what aspects of your business need to be secured and which solutions to use is part of our process. When your company decides that an access control system is right for you, Unify Marketing & Technology Solutions’ technicians will assess your businesses needs, property, and budget to present the best possible solution.

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