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Data Backups

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Protect your business from data losses due to human error, natural disaster, and power outages. We can ensure that your data is secure and easily recoverable with our data backup service. Often too many business fail to have their mission critical data backed up and every year company’s suffer the loss of data, resources, reduced productivity, high costs of repairs and retrieval services, and even temporary or permanent closure.

The cost of data loss can be catastrophic to your business. It is crucial that businesses be proactive with their data backup plans. Most businesses suffer data losses due to equipment failure or theft. A survey taken in 2013 reveals that only 37 percent of small businesses actually had a back up plan in place and only 10 percent of those companies never even performed a backup even with the capability to do so. Unify Marketing & Technology Solutions technicians ensure that your business will never suffer the wrath of data loss due to faulty equipement or even natual disaster.

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