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We offer professional PC repair services with a quick response time to keep your workstations operational and running at peak performance. Whether it’s a single computer or a large computer network, we can help you get the most of your technology while saving your business time and energy.

If you are unsure of an issue or can’t find the root of the problem, fear not. Our IT experts can run a number of diagnostic tests to find you the best and most affordable solution. We will take a look at your hard drive, CD/DVD drive, and the cooling fan for your processor first, as those are typically things that wear our first over the years of daily usage. We will check the age of your computer and the components inside to make sure you can continue to get years of service from your computer.

We will then dive into the software within your computer and promptly remove anything malicious that could be causing your computer harm. If your computer is usually slow running, gets a numerous amount of pop ups, or warning messages on your system, it is more than likely your system has been infected.

Unify Marketing & Technology Solutions services and repairs all brands, makes, and models of computers (both laptops and desktops). We can service a wide array of issues from broken hardware to issues with software.

If repairs or tune-ups will not solve the issue, we are happy to build your company a new custom computer system.

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